Extension Installation Service for Magento


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Installation service for Magento extension provided by Apptrian technical support team.

The installation service includes:

  • installation of one of Apptrian's Magento extensions considering one single theme per your choice
  • testing its functionality in your environment
  • filling it with test data (products, rules, or what else is applicable for the extension(s))

The service does NOT include:

  • Creating a backup of your site
  • Configuring the extension
  • Adjusting the extension's look to fit your store
  • Any customizations
  • Fulfilling with live data, products, rules, or what is applicable for the extension(s)
  • Re-installation or upgrades, this is a one-time service
  • Configuring your store
  • Setting up cron
  • Sphinx installation
  • Magento installation

To proceed with the installation of our products we need:

  • Your Magento Admin credentials (URL, username, password)
  • Your FTP credentials (host, port, username, password). If you do not have FTP credentials then cPanel credentials (URL, username, password)
  • If you are using Magento 2.x.x we will also need SSH credentials (host, port, username, password)

Providing all the data above allows us to perform this work in the fastest and most effective manner. Usually, it takes up to one business day to install our products if no difficulties occur. Being performed by experienced developers, the installation service guarantees that you will avoid technical problems at the very beginning.

Please note that installation service might not be performed on weekends, so if you place an order on Friday most likely the service would be performed next Monday. Install the Magento extension from Apptrian right now!

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